Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Documentaries – Providing Insights into the Reality

“Picture speaks a thousand words.” You must have heard this saying.  But moving visuals leave an immense impact on the viewers.  Movies are one of the most powerful mediums of communication. They inspire, entertain, inform and sometimes even educate. Documentary is one such genre of the movie which is non-fictional and made with the intent to depict reality. Though most of us, of late, might not be fascinated by the idea of watching documentary but they are surely the source of motivation simultaneously providing diversion. Documentaries can be viewed to explore any subject deeply and the best part is they are made for the viewers of young age as less as six.
Documentaries can be opinionated, controversial, and raw, and filmmakers often use graphic scenes to illustrate their point of view. Hence it is extremely important to choose appropriate movies bearing in mind the age of your kids. Teachers from Billabong High International School Thane are telling about some excellent documentaries to show your kids.
  • Wings of Life – (Ages 6+)
This Disney movie taps into the curiosity of your kid by celebrating the earth’s unsung heroes.
  • A Place at the Table– (Ages 9+)
The pervasive problem of food insecurity is discussed in this affecting documentary that’ll make your kids grateful for what they have and possibly inspire them to help.
  • Walking with Dinosaurs – (Ages 10+)
This is a documentary with twist.Digital technology is showcased that recreates the 155-million-year reign of the dinosaurs.
  • The Dream Is Now – (Ages 12+)
If you want your kids to get interested in world affairs, this movie featuring real kids discussing their daily challenges are guaranteed to get their attention.
  • Blackfish – (Ages 13+)
This heart-breaking documentary unfolds like a psychological thriller, making its point with beautiful and brutal imagery.
  • Chasing Ice – (Ages 14+)
Global warming is a hot topic, and it’s hard to argue with this movie’s time-lapse evidence of glacial retreat by National Geographic photographer James Balog.
  • The Square – (Ages 15+)
This Oscar-nominated movie about the Arab Spring prominently features the modern communication tools teens love so much which are YouTube, camera-phone videos and social-media posts.
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