Thursday, 27 August 2015

Save you child from being bullied : Tips by Billabong International School Thane

Bullying is a serious problem that a lot of students face during their school lifeThis problem is more intense than it sounds. It can leave a great deal of negative impact on a child’s life.
Getting bullied by somebody at school can be a traumatic experience for a child as this is no less than a type of mental torture that the student has to endure during the school hours. A senior teacher from Billabong High International School says that if a child gets bullied then he or she may develop insecurities, negativity, fear and low self esteem. In simpler words the child feels suffocated and tormented at mental level. In worst case, this problem may even make him or her to hate going to school.
If your child ever complains that he or she is being bullied by somebody in the school then you must not ignore this at all. Ask your child to explain everything clearly and after knowing the details you must instantly inform about this issue to your child’s teachers. Remember that it is important to support your child during this phase as this would help the child to deal with this situation with courage and confidence.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


A lot of children face difficulties in the subject of English, but this is quite normal. With the help of proper guidance in classroom these difficulties can be sorted out, but there are children who need extra efforts in order to cope up with the subject of English.
One major reason behind the general weakness in English is that it is not the mother tongue of most of us, so children take time in getting acquainted with the subject. Some students take less time and some take more time, it purely depends upon the individual that how quick or slow he is in grasping a new language.
These days English is the medium of teaching and communicating in most schools, colleges and offices, so it is very crucial to provide a strong base of English to your child. Encourage him to read books and comics in English language. Even at home try and speak a few words of English so that the child becomes somewhat familiar with the language.
At Billabong High International School, we make sure that the students get the best of knowledge and training required to develop a strong base of English language. The teaching staff is very particular in enhancing the English speaking skills of the students.