Friday, 18 December 2015

Ways to Motivate Your Kids

Children are like clay, you can mold them in any shape. They can achieve simply anything if you have motivated them enough. Even if they are extremely intelligent they won’t be able to give their best if they are not motivated enough.
Your child is all set and ready to perform a task all he needs is just motivation. The motivation which can only be done by parents; it is so positive, optimistic, that even if the child is not ready he is able to feel determination to perform a task. It is a vital component of the whole learning process. It not only helps children to get engaged in academics but also motivates to think beyond studies. Billabong high international school shares their expert’s voice about how to motivate children as
Ways to motivate kids
1. Make education part of your conversation about life
Constantly asking kids to study gives no such results. Therefore if you can get their studies involved in daily conversations then it can certainly prove to be a positive and a good learning factor for your child. Talk about evolution and practical, doctors and a lot more. Kick on the opportunity and they will be prompted to you in no time to learn more.
2. Create things with them
Children are extremely creative. So help them execute their ideas. They just need a push especially from you to carry forward their beautiful thoughts. Therefore when you allow them to express what they feel makes them feel confident and makes them feel great. It is a win win situation for both parents and children as if you are creating together then there are no fear that they might do anything which can hurt them.
3. Experiment together
Allowing children to express their creativity from their hearts puts them in charge and gives them great confidence. Give your child free access to the tools they need to express them and remember that being creative together can be as simple as collecting sticks and rocks on a walk and carefully arranging them in a way that pleases them.
4. Let them help you cook
Children love to do things which they think they can’t. Especially the ones which they know they won’t get permission of. So sometimes let them help you in kitchen. It will help them feel that you trust them and they will be able to create a special bond with you. Along with the bond you will be able to teach them about recipes and strategies used to make a dish.
5. Interact with them
Ask them what they did in school, ask them questions which are important to them like what happened when they submitted their project this will generate a habit of sharing things. Alongside you will be able to know what is happening and f there is anything about which your child is upset.
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