Thursday, 21 January 2016

Make your Children Responsible

Often when we commit any mistake or fail to perform something important, nobody blames us but instead we get to hear that have our parents not taught us anything. This is not something alien for us to hear or for other people for that matter in our culture. Different cultures have distinct ways of raising up children. In Indian culture, parents play a major role and have great impact in shaping our perception towards society and life. The active involvement of parents in their children’s formative years is, without doubt, one of the principal determinants of how well a child develops into responsible, contributing member of the bigger family that society is.
It has become very significant that you start teaching your child a healthy sense of responsibility from an early age. Hence, today teachers from Billabong High International School Thane have some suggestions for parents:
  • Involve children in family routines – Encourage your children to participate in daily domestic chores of the house. It will help in conveying the feelings to them that they are key members of the family and hold importance despite of their tender age. These are opportunities which help children build self-confidence in them. Also, it enables them to overcome their initial awkwardness and enjoy the process of learning useful skills.
  • Involve children in family activities – When preparing for special family events such as picnics or parties, involve children in the process of planning and give them some responsibilities associated with the event. This will allow them to appreciate their role being a part of socialendeavour. Also, they will feel direct relevance with the family’s common efforts.
  • Teach children to take care of their belongings – Children should be asked to put their own things such as books, clothes, toys at their designated places. Point out to them that placing things properly allows them to easily locate, saving them the hassle of searching for them. It will teach them to value their belongings.
  • Help children take criticism in positive manner – Unsatisfactory performance, incomplete work or undesirable behavior sometimes result in criticism directed towards children. Parents should view these situations as opportunities for their children to learn to face up to their responsibilities.
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