Friday, 25 March 2016

Tips on Raising a Happy, Successful and Cooperative Child

Raising a child to become happy, successful and cooperative is probably the biggest responsibility of you as a parent. Most of the times, parents are not able to understand the reasons why their child is acting or reacting in a certain manner which causes them to misunderstand their child. 
A misunderstood child is often directed towards the road of unhappy, unsuccessful and unfulfilled life by making them uncooperative and rebellious.
We are hereby providing you with a step-by-step guide to comprehensively understand your child’s actions and motives enabling you to raise a happy, successful and cooperative child.

1.       Identify the True Problem
Most parents have usual complaints with their kids like how they do not study enough or listen to their parents seriously. These very common problems parent find in their child. However, these are never real issues.
First you have to identify the true problem that you have with your child. Find what characteristic or action of theirs bumps you.

2.       Identify Your Child’s True Nature
Identify the nature of your child to understand what actually makes them different, what derives them and what affects them most. Though there are many natures in between but most children usually have a certain type of characteristics that categorizes them as fun-loving or sensitive.

Fun-Loving Children: The characteristics of fun-loving children are that they are social, friendly and light-hearted and their basic need is to have more fun and exciting experiences.
Sensitive Children: The primary characteristic of emotional children is that they are emotional and need to be felt emotionally connected to their parents and family members. Most often such children are seen as hypersensitive.

3.       Interpret Their Actions
Children showing tantrums, anger or rebelliousness are often dismissed as indiscipline and/or immoral. As a parent, it is your moral duty to understand your child by looking underneath their words and actions. By understanding the basic nature of a child, you can see if your child is feeling being ignored, controlled or dismissed.

4.       Be Supportive and Understanding
Even if you a lot of other things to take care of, it is necessary to give some time to your child’s needs that includes managing your own temper to be more supportive and understanding.  If your child is sensitive, then take some time and reassure him/her of your love and support. If your child is fun-loving and feeling over controlled, surprise him/her by indulging in something he/she likes.

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Keep your kids safe during this Holi

Spring has arrived and the much awaited festival of colors is just around the corner. Holi is undoubtedly one of the most exciting festivals, especially for kids. Little kids get really happy to see colorful balloons and gulaals everywhere. However, amidst this excitement it is obvious for parents to get a little concerned about the safety of their children. Read on know a few safety tips for kids revealed by the experts from Billabong High International School, Thane:

Safe colors: Parents must ensure to buy only natural or herbal colors because these colors are not much harmful for the skin unlike the synthetic colors available in the market these days. These colors will not do any damage to the skin and hair of your little ones and they would also get washed away easily with soap and body shampoo.

Clothes: To provide maximum protection to the skin of your children, make them wear full sleeved clothes in light fabric before they go out to play holi.

Moisturizing: Apply a good moisturizer on the face and body of your child right before the holi celebration. It is advised to apply coconut oil because it is really good for hair and skin, moreover it would also prevent the colors from sticking to the skin.

Cautious with balloons: Most of the children like to throw water or color filled balloons at others but this act can prove to be dangerous as it has a possibility of causing damage to the eyes and other parts of the body. Explain this to your children and politely ask them not to do get indulged in such activities.

Wash off well: After the Holi celebrations take your child directly to the washroom and wash off the color with a mild shampoo or soap.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Say bye to your child’s exam blues

Examination time can be a daunting period for both children and the parents. The students need to by heart the subjects and deliver at the exam time, and the parents need to guarantee that they help their children in preparing and overcoming the stress of exams as much as possible. Truth be told, parents can play a noteworthy part in motivating their children to succeed in academic examinations. Ms. Ranjini Krishnaswamy (Director-Principal) of Billabong high international school Thane, discusses the role of parents in preparing their children for exams and defeating the anxiety of exams.
  1. Preparation is the best stress buster at exam-time. Ensure your child follows this brilliant rule, and is not left with any part of the syllabus unprepared.
  1. The period running up to the exams is a brilliant time. The key is to sort out the timetable in such a way to cover all subjects completely.
  1. Children at their tender age are very receptive. Accordingly, it's much easy to instill positivism in their brains so that your child can develop the coping mechanism to deal with stress and to figure out how to manage the stress of exams. This empowers them to de-stress themselves and not panic at exam time.
  1. Ensure your children has a healthy eating regimen, has adequate physical exercise and general sleep during the examination period.
  1. Try not to overburden your child with high expectations.
  1. Trust on diligent work throughout the year as opposed to lat minute study.
  1. Never let them slice every day exercises they appreciate to make room for more study time. This will just prompt a increase of anxiety that could prompt poor execution in the exams.
  1. Practice and revision throughout the session without forgetting any bit is the way to success and your child ought to be urged to clear any questions or doubts as opposed to excluding the tough portion.
  1. Continuously applaud them for their diligent work and remunerate them with gifts.
  1. Instill positive thought in your child.
  1. Commit them a big party after the exams are over, and stay faithful to your commitment!
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