Monday, 13 July 2015

Do not Fear Maths Anymore

This is a fact that math nervousness is excessively common among students. The major reason behind this uneasiness happens because of the absence of thought of distinctive learning styles. Today, the advanced society has more prominent requirement for math. Math must be looked upon in a positive light to decrease math nervousness.
To tackle this problem the mathematics teachers must reconsider and revise the teaching techniques and strategies that often prove to be futile in making the students to understand the concepts.  If a student makes mistake in solving a mathematical problem, do not scold him. Rather explain him the correct way of solving the sum and try to help him to learn from his mistake. Be understanding at this very moment and remember that this may help the student to understand the concept in a better way. Another effective way is to make the students to practice a lot so that they become familiar with the concepts and formulas.
At Billabong High International School we have an efficient and highly qualified teaching staff in the math department, they ensure to minimize the difficulties faced by the students while dealing with mathematics.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Prepare your little One for Pre School

Sending your child to pre-school means sending him out of his comfort zone for the first time, it certainly is a tough task. Children usually take some time to adapt to the new environment of schools.  So it is utterly important to give him some sort of informal training at home in order to make the little one somewhat ready to face the big change coming his way. 

Read on the following points that would help you to prepare your child for pre-school:
Buy Books: It is important to make your child familiar with books, keep a lot of children books filled with colorful pictures within his reach. A little encouragement from your side would help him to develop interest in books.
Play games: Make sure to take out some play-time for your child. Playing different types of small games, both indoor and outdoor, would help your child to become playful and he would become more adaptive to different games that he would be playing in pre-school.
Meet the teachers: If possible then take your child to his school beforehand and introduce him to the teachers. This would make him a bit familiar with the place and people he would be joining soon.
Let him learn to be independent: Your child is growing and let him have some sense of it by letting him do his daily chores by himself. Teach him to eat, drink, and wash hands without your assistance. This would help him to adjust in school easily.

Friday, 3 July 2015


Taking measures to enhance academic performance begins with enhancing the behavior of the pupils in the classroom. In spite of the fact that it can appear to be testing, educators and teachers play a crucial part in making an environment that energizes learning, enhances students’ conduct and makes improvement in the overall growth of the students. Teachers can perform astounding tasks by working and improving the behavioral conduct of the students in the classroom.
BillaBong International High School

The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support program, an organization of teaching and training association for expert teachers, refers to various studies on its site that convey that the students with poor classroom conduct frequently battle with academic abilities.
It is a fact that if students keep a good and positive attitude in the classroom then they are able to become more focused towards their studies. This ensures a positive environment which helps to build the concentration in the student.
In Billabong High International School, we make sure that our entire teaching staff understands the importance of good behavior in classroom. All our teachers try to inculcate positivity in the minds of the students and this helps to improve their overall academic result.