Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Sometimes, its very mind boggling that all we care about is our selfish needs. We don’t bother to go out in natural beauty. We don’t want to cherish our natural resources. We are happy being at home, in our room with a television and our mobile phones. We take shopping as a break. We treat dinner in a fancy restaurant as an outing. We prefer places which are happening over places which are serene and refreshing.  Billabong school, thane thus suggests you to take your kids on an outing in the wake of nature. Let your children see the beauty our world is blessed with.
But think about it how important it is give our mind, soul and body to give some peace and rest under the arms of nature. So we suggest you to spend your vacation in a place where there is natural beauty.
By default when you are on a trip, you happen to be in good mood. So give yourself natural smiles, let your children see what they are missing. Show them the beauty of falling water, ice melting on the mountains, beautiful lakes with extensive flora and fauna.
Taking a vacation is that natural therapy which can’t be replaced with any treatment. The happiness, Free State of mind, cherished feel one feels on a vacation is priceless. It refreshes and gives a kick start to pursue with your daily life. It revitalizes your strength and also boosts your physical energy.
A vacation is the only where you can spend ample time with your family. In daily day today life there is no time for family. There is work, responsibilities, time constraints and a lot more. But during vacation everybody gets to bond with each other. Bonding is extremely healthy to keep mental stress away.
So this holiday go out on a vacation. Cherish the time with your children. It is important to bond with children to keep them mentally strong. Therefore we, at Billabong, preschool in Thane always ask and teach our kids to worship nature so that they can value what they are all blessed with.


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