Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ways to Improve Your Child's Concentration

Are you looking for tips to increase your child’s concentration? Billabong School Thane is here to help you in this regard. Here are few tips which can effectively boost your child’s concentration.
  1. Partition a big task into small tasks
A major task requires deep concentration, so it would be a smart move to divide it into smaller modules. This could be applied to housework, homework and learning new skills.
  1. Reducing distractions
Unless occupied with something they truly like, youngsters may think that it’s hard to screen out diversions. You have to maintain the ambiance where they learn, study or complete tasks, as diversion free as possible.
Be particularly careful about TV, noises, loud music and whatever else that may divert the child’s consideration.
  1. TV and Cell Phones
It is not a smart move to stare at the TV while doing homework, since this grabs the attention. Text messages also distract a child. Try not to allow your child to use their PDAs or read text messages while studying.
  1. Doing homework at the same hour every day
Rehashing the same activity consistently at that hour, in the end, transforms it into a propensity. Slowly it will help in increasing concentration. The mind will realize that the ideal opportunity to that activity has arrived, and would be all the more ready to do that.
  1. Give them enough physical activity
Try physical activity, such as playing, running or some games. This would help the children to increase their concentration while studying.
  1. Give children a chance to have some good times
Giving too many tasks and involving children in lots of activities could be overpower and tiring for their brains. As a parent you ought to give them enough time for joy and fun, so they don’t feel excessively pressurized.
  1. Enough rest
Make sure that the child has enough rest.
  1. Set time for the completion of a goal
Set the timeline for accomplishing a goal. Be lenient while setting a timeline. It is just to increase concentration not to pressurize a child.
  1. Give some time before starting a new task
When your child is busy, let him know what he needs to do next, however wait for a couple of minutes, till he stops and begins the new tasks.
These were some tried and tested tips from Billabong School Thane. For more info, contact them.

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